Deployment of Microsoft Intune – Part 4

Deployment of Microsoft Intune – Part 4

In the previous part of the series, we saw how to grant your users the rights to connect to Intune platform, to enroll their mobile devices, and to create configuration policies. Here we will see how to implement automatic deployment of company portal application during device enrollment and to configure custom OMA-URI settings for WP 8.1 devices.

In order to implement automatic deployment of company portal application during WP 8.1 device enrollment, we will use Support tool for Windows Intune trial management of window phone provided by Microsoft. Once you have downloaded and installed package, you can retrieve SSP.xap file which corresponds to Company Portal application.

The next step is to upload and register this application as Company Portal application in Microsoft Intune console.

Then when you enroll a WP 8.1 device like we saw in previous part of this series, it will ask if we want to automatically install Company Portal application.

But if have you deployed a configuration policy that allows devices to only listed applications, you will need to add an exception for this company portal application.

To add an application in this allow list, you need to add the windows store URL dedicated to the application. But in this case, company portal application include in the support tool package is not the same as the company portal app available on windows store. So to allow this application on your WP 8.1 mobile devices, you need to get the product id in the manifest file of the application. To access this file you need to uncompress SSP.xap file and locate WMAppManifext.xml. Then you need to open this file with your editor and to copy ProductID, in this case, the ID is 01914a77-09e7-4f01-88d1-099162777f9b.

Then you need to add an old URL for windows phone store built with product id ( in the allowed apps list to use company portal application on mobile devices.

If you use custom configuration policy based on OMA-URI, you can authorize company portal app on mobile devices by adding this rule.

Remind that you can retrieve the list of OMA-URI settings and parameters in Windows Phone 8.1 MDM Protocol documentation.

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