Error: SCOM Alerts Showing in a Different Language

Error: SCOM Alerts Showing in a Different Language

If you have SCOM agent all around the world, you will probably face this issue. Mostly for event monitor based, alert description field could be in a different language (non-English), even for OS installed with En-Us language settings.

To resolve this issue, you’ll need to modify some registry keys of your SCOM agent service account. By default, the account used by SCOM agent service is Local System (SID S-1-5-18).

If you are not using Local System, you’ll need to find SID of your custom service account using this command:
wmic useraccount where name=’usernameofyourSCOMserviceaccount’ get sid

The keys you need to modify on each server where your encounter the issue are:

In addition, you can verify the keys for these accounts to have the same configuration:

  • Default, S-1-5-19 (Local Service Account)
  • S-1-5-20 (Network Service Account)
You will need to restart the computer (restart SCOM agent service is not enough) to apply changes and to receive new SCOM alerts in English.

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