SCOM Maintenance Mode for Windows Cluster

SCOM Maintenance Mode for Windows Cluster

You may already use some scripts to put Windows servers in maintenance mode, but sometimes you need to handle the fact that targeted Windows computers are part of a Windows cluster. In this case, you will need put all of the cluster objects in maintenance mode otherwise, SCOM will generate an alert (by default) for network, disks, etc.

So, I wrote a little PowerShell script to check if a Windows computer is part of a Windows cluster in SCOM, and put all related objects in maintenance mode.


The script accepts five parameters: objectName, maintenanceType, description, duration and managementServer.

The FQDN of the SCOM Windows Computer in the SCOM Management Group that you want to put in maintenance mode.

The type of maintenance based on what you can find in the console.

The description that explains the reason for maintenance mode.

The duration time in minutes of maintenance mode.

The FQDN of the SCOM Management Server that you want to launch maintenance mode.


You can retrieve and download this script directly on TechNet gallery here.

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