Modify PowerShell Version of Orchestrator “Run .Net Script” Activity

Modify PowerShell Version of Orchestrator “Run .Net Script” Activity

By default System Center Orchestrator 2012 (event R2 latest CU), Run .Net Script activity will launch PowerShell in v2 and x86 mode. But nowadays, the Orchestrator runbook service is installed on Windows Server 2012/Windows Server 2012 R2 or even Windows Server 2016 who used natively at least Powershell v3 and above. Besides a lot of useful modules and cmdlets are implemented in PowerShell v3 and above.
In fact, you can already get around the problem by running the script remotely on another server or an instance of PowerShell shell using: PowerShell {Your Script}, but in both cases, we loose the possibility to publish all variables to the data bus.

In order to change this, if the server executing the Orchestrator runbook service use PowerShell v3 or above, you can change a registry value to use the same version in your activity.

The registry value OnlyUseLatestCLR, that needs to be equal to as above (0 by default) is located:

To apply the changes you don’t even need to restart Orchestrator services. In fact, you can verify that change has occurred by running this activity in a runbook.

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