Manage Virtual Machines Using Windows PowerShell Direct

Manage Virtual Machines Using Windows PowerShell Direct

Coming with Windows Server 2016, PowerShell Direct is a new feature which gives you a way to run Windows PowerShell commands in a VM from the host. Windows PowerShell Direct runs between the host and the VM. This means it doesn’t require networking or firewall requirements, and it works regardless of your remote management configuration.

Windows PowerShell Direct works much like remote Windows PowerShell except that you do not need network connectivity. To connect to the VM from a host, use the Enter-PSSession cmdlet.

You will be prompted for credentials and then you can manage the VM from this PSSession. The Invoke-Command cmdlet has been updated to perform similar tasks; for example, you can execute a script from the host against the VM.

To enter into a PowerShell direct session, you must be logged onto the host as a Hyper-V administrator. The VM must be running locally and already booted to the OS.


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